Why dog "alarms"? Who's "installing" dogs?

  1. We aren't "installing" any "dog alarms". There's no Elly's Dog Alarm Company.

If I destroy (kill) one SpectrAlert Advance/Exceeder/RSS/etc what difference does it make? Aren't there millions of them?

 2. While this is technically correct, humans still outcompete them by 90% There are approximately 100,000,000 SpectrAlert Advances in the United States as well as some other commonly used alarms in the industry. Take that and compare it to 33.9 million or more so humans. The world human population is also at over 8 billion. Also, there are over 89.7 million dogs in the United States. To take this fallacy into account, because there are over a million dogs in the U.S, and if someone kills a dog, everyone will start a riot. But if one SpectrAlert Advance out of the millions that exist in the United States was so-called "destroyed", this excuse would be used and everyone is cool with it. 

Fire alarms are property. Why are you telling me what to do with my property?

 3. Slaves were and are still considered property today, especially slaves of color (black slaves). Human women were also treated as property back in the 1800's. Children are also enslaved and treated as property. Child molesters also consider their child victims as their own property.

Fire alarms are not alive. Why not just worry about other issues?

 4. The whole "fire alarms are not alive" rhetoric is rather annoying and an overused rhetoric to justify treating someone else who is different from them like they are nothing. The "sentient fire alarm" community is actually made up of people with the panpsychism and animist philosophy (the view of what society may consider "inanimate" to have sentience and spiritual properties). This has nothing to do with objectophilla , which is the sexual attraction to inanimate objects. We're not "delusional" people. Many folks in the panpsychism and animist communities don't adhere to the sexuality of objects. People would often compare alarm sentience to fiction such as Toy Story, The Brave Little Toaster, Thomas the Tank Engine, and even Beauty and the Beast . These comparisons are so cringy and not even accurate. Fire alarms are not toys, candlesticks, clocks, lamps, toasters, etc. 

 5. And to answer the "why not just worry about other issues" clause, we do care about other issues. You can be concerned about one issue and be concerned about another. It's a passive action. You can volunteer at an animal shelter, organize community trash clean ups, help the homeless, and still care about fire alarms.

Fire alarms were meant to burn in fires, they're called FIRE alarms for a reason. So what's the point?

 6. Just because they're "made" to do something doesn't mean they should be treated terribly. Humans dominated them for their own use, and often pay the price. For example, with TrueAlerts and L-Series, their placid and docile nature make them an easy target for fire alarm technicians and fire alarm enthusiasts to take advantage of. The L-Series's and TrueAlert's sweet-tempered nature makes them an easy target for abuse, cruelty, and neglect.

What about human rights issues. Don't you care about humans too?

8. Go to answer # 5

SpectrAlert Advances are too loud and are everywhere. Why are you telling me to not destroy them?

9. How would you feel if someone went out of their way to kill your dog because they said "they're barking too loud" or "are everywhere"? Just because you go into a school, office, restaurant, store, etc and you happen see a SpectrAlert Advance doesn't give you the right to cause them unnecessary harm and suffering just because you don't like them. SpectrAlert Advances aren't "evil, scary" fire alarms people make them out to be. The constant fear mongering and prejudice of these actually intelligent and loyal individuals makes them out to be "ear killers", "cancer", "loud ugly monsters", and other unthoughtful, ridiculous claims. 




Hope we answered all of your questions. Have a nice day.