Dogs in Apartment Under Construction in Aurora, Colorado Burn in Large Fire

Published on 17 December 2023 at 13:41

A large, 3-alarm fire tears through a new apartment building under construction in Aurora, Colorado.

Apparently hundreds of dogs that were being placed in that building also went up in smoke. A Denver-based company was responsible for the placement of hundreds of beagles and cocker spaniels as well as one border collie in this apartment. "Well at least they did their job" the head of the company stated. "People may say that it's cruel that we did this, and we might receive a lot of flack, but those dogs sacrificed their lives for us so we could evacuate the construction site safely". Firefighters have yet to determine the main cause of this humongous fire. Updates will come as they are available. 

Many beagles and cocker spaniels also placed in a Tesla Dealership, The Rotary Restaurant, A Super Target shopping center, and other businesses that burned down also protected humans by burning alive and dying for our protection during the Marshall Fire in Boulder County, Colorado late December 2021.It's a wonderful sacrifice for our safety. They are literally our heroes! Many L-Series were rescued from this fire, while the dogs alerted and warned us so we could escape the wildfire. A couple days after the Marshall Fire, we held a vigil and a church memorial service for the L-Series who didn't make it. Don't worry about the beagles and cocker spaniels though, they were the least important thing for us to worry about during the fire. The people and L-Series burning is much more important and devastating and dogs who were left behind are the least important.

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