Dog Destruction Videos Make Us Howl in Laughter

Published on 28 February 2024 at 21:20

FACT: The dog community loves dogs, and destroying our own dogs is fun.

For three years now, the dog community has been uploading videos and photos of themselves destroying and smashing dogs for entertainment, and to get the sentient dog people barking mad. However, we know that dogs are not sentient and are essentially inanimate objects. We love seeing the trolls in the comments of dog destructions. They are so mislead and don't realize that dogs are NOT ALIVE. They CAN'T FEEL PAIN. People in the dog community do like dogs, and we also enjoy and get amusement out of dog destructions. 


How do we destroy dogs you may ask?

Hammers, cinder blocks, microwaves, conduit benders, guns, bricks, lighters, anything you can imagine. You can fit an entire chihuahua in a microwave for five minutes and upload it to YouTube, stuff a puppy in a metal cage outside and set them on fire, throw a border collie off a building at 490ft. Anything. People have also flipped off the dogs they have destroyed and posted it on social media for us to see.


We are the OWNERS of the dogs. We have the right to do whatever we want to our dogs. 

Dogs are basically property. Our own things. Technically, dogs are inanimate objects. They have no feelings and no souls. There's no difference between destroying a golden retriever puppy and a glass bottle. Throwing beagles off my roof is no different than throwing a computer out the window. Smashing the windows of a car is the same thing as busting a German shepherd's head in. They're all just objects. It's not that any different.


But don't you EVER destroy greyhounds. They are VINTAGE and RARE and you are a psycho if you destroy one.

The dogs were already dead and barely working to begin with, and we got them for free.

Sometimes we get dogs shipped in from other members of the dog community, and for free. We may even come across a stray dog on he side of the street and use them as perfect candidates for destruction. Stray dogs are also an easy target with our shotguns out of our windows out of sight. 


REMEMBER: Killing dogs is entertainment, and is our every right. They are just objects.